CoderDojo with Eworld

Partnering with Eworld

In the course of our project CoderDojo Armenia, we had the pleasure to partner with Eworld. The company hosted Saturday sessions for 4 months and gave Armenian children another opportunity to learn what interests them the most nowadays.

Providing kids with knowledge on technology aligns fully with the EWorld’s philosophy. While giving a place to practice coding, the company also provides kids with great mentors!


Staff Participation

Employess of the company were given the chance to attend our Saturday sessions and help kids with mentoring. As we mention everywhere, technical background is not required if one wants to be a mentor, thus we were happy to see staff from other departments than IT to join us on weekends.
It was unique chance for the company to engage its staff in its corporate social responsibility activities.

Celebrating Scratch Day

CoderDojo Armenia in partnership with Eworld company joined the global celebration of Scratch Day on May 11.
Around 80 kids and their parents joined Scratch sessions, took quizzes on Scratch, play fun games and joined other activities on that day.

About Eworld

Eworld is  a growing IT Company operating in E-Commerce industry in Armenia. They do e-commerce and  provide e-commerce services and teach e-commerce. They inspire thousands of entrepreneurs to pursue their business through innovative solutions.