Registration for the sessions need to be done every month. Each kid can attend up to 4 sessions each month. In this way, we try to give this wonderful opportunity to as many kids as possible.

Registration for May Sessions is closed. Subscribe to get notified for the new month.


May 3 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 4 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 7 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 8 – Eworld, Yerevan
June 8 – ACC#5, Gyumri
June 8 – ACC#5, Vanadzor

June 11 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 14 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 15 – Eworld, Yerevan
June 15 – ACC#5, Gyumri
June 15 – ACC#5, Vanadzor

June 18 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 21 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 22 – Eworld, Yerevan
June 22 – ACC#5, Gyumri
June 22 – ACC#5, Vanadzor

June 25 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 28 – ISTC, Yerevan
June 29 – Eworld, Yerevan
June 29 – ACC#5, Gyumri
June 29 – ACC#5, Vanadzor


Who can join?

All girls and boys between 7-14 years. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

How can I register my child?

We publish our registration form each month. You can find it on our website or on our Facebook page. Please note that each kid can attend up to 4 Dojos each month. If a kid misses 3 Dojo sessions without advanced warning, he or she will no longer be able to attend our club.

Does my child need to already know code?

No. At our Dojo we have space for complete beginners and for children who already know a lot. Part of the idea of CoderDojo is that children learn how to teach themselves, by having ideas, trying things on the computer, using online resources and by teaching each other, with mentors there to help that happen. There are mentors who have a lot of programming experience. Often that is not needed, because other children around can help them get started.

Is there a course curriculum?

No, it’s not a regular course where you have to attend each time. CoderDojo is different from the other coding clubs where kids are encouraged to learn whatever they want.

Is it free?

Our club is free and is run by volunteers.  However, to cover our ongoing expenses (such as fika (break), printing, etc) parents who would like to join the club are asked to donate 1000 AMD.